Sports are great!

With Monday we start a new week in our Summer School! A week with great activities planned for our Naranjit@s and with the preparations for the next festival! But… as for the festival… you’ll just have to wait a little bit so as to know more about it! We can just tell you that it is going to be amazing!

The kids have been practising some games and some sports today, from swimmimg (as every day from Monday to Thursday) to kickball and dance. It’s been great fun!

Con el lunes comenzamos una nueva semana en nuestra Summer School. Una semana con actividades geniales para nuestros Naranjit@s y con las preparaciones pertinentes para nuestro nuevo festival! Pero… en cuanto al festival… ¡tendréis que esperar un poquito para saber más!!!!

Solo podemos deciros que va a ser genial!

Nuestros Naranjit@s hoy han practicado deporte, desde la natación diaria de lunes a jueves, hasta kickball y baile. ¡Ha sido fantástico!

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